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What can I say about Next Door Nikki? She's obviously one hot babe! Don't believe me? Just take a look at her pictures, for god's sake! She's as cute as they come, has a tight little ass, long legs, a curvy sexy body and of course, those wonderful big natural tits! Man, I love those titties! I've been doing Next Door Nikki galleries for a while and I still am, she's hotter than ever! Don't take my word for it, just check her latest galleries!

Boobs in the cold!

Baby oil all over me!

Pretty in a cute polo!

In the kitchen!

Nothing but underwear!

Ass & tits!

In a man shirt!

No clothes!

Warm, hot tub!

Now those pictures are hot, yes they are! But Next Door Nikki has a lot more to offer than that! But again, you don't have to believe me, just take a look at the big screenshots below! They're straight off her members area, I took them myself. (Don't believe me? Look at the red url in the tag besides the active one, it says http://quickbabes.net/blog ...maybe it's time you start having a little faith in me!)

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That's what you gotta expect when you join NextDoorNikki.com. You can easily see there's a shitload of content. And believe me, there's still more and all of it of the highest quality!
You already got a taste of her pictures thru my galleries. Maybe you wanna see how Nikki looks on video? At your wish! Just click any screenshot to download and enjoy :)
What's better about Next Door Nikki videos is that now they're in High Definition! And they look great! As always, don't take my word, just look at this actual screenshots! (no video this time, hd eats lots of bandwith but if you want to download it just go to NextDoorNikki.com. She has a couple of hd videos there for free, including the one I took these screenshots from.)
The quality of those screenshots is simply amazing! Now just imagine those awesome huge natural tits shaking full screen in you pc and that little tight ass right in front of your face !!
(I think I'm gonna download some videos right now!!)
I could show you some more stuff (and I will add more to this site soon for sure!) but I don't feel like that right now, I have other things in mind :) So go check Nikki's site, see her other features (her journal is nice and her webcam shows are da bomb!) and if you choose to send her an e-mail (yeah, you'll get it when you join) tell her that quicksand (me!) sent you!


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